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We are a independent digital design studio based in London. As a digital photography agency, our job is to take your ideas and make them greater. To create digital platforms and solutions that are greater than anything you’ve ever used. To make easy ideas easier.

Our Work Involves


  • Nike Inc.
  • Alex + Velea
  • Boardman Bikes
  • Mr Porter
  • Soho House


  • Portraits
  • Commercials
  • Weddings
  • Product
  • Pictorial
Digital photography


John Petterson

Creative Director

With over 10 years experience in Photography Marketing in South Africa. John is the grey hair in the studio. He values calm but easily gets excited by the next challenge.

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Ben Staub

Senior Designer

At first glance, one would mistake Ben for a witty, joyful person, maybe even hopelessly positive to the point of ridicule. And one would not be wrong.

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Thanks for viewing the world through our eyes — we hope you enjoy our site and the work that we’re doing. Got something for us? Get in touch.

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